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Laurie Gibbons

Personal Training : 5 years

As a teenager and young adult I have never had to watch what I eat or even exercise to remain slim. After my first son was born I was shocked at how much weight remained. In the years between my first born and second born child my weight fluctuated up and down; I would exercise and go on a crash diet and lose weight but soon get bored and unmotivated and stop dieting and exercising, therefore gaining all my weight back plus more. After my second son was born I was at my heaviest weight of all and was feeling very depressed and unhealthy. I made the decision to join a gym (once again) with the hope of getting the weight off and feel better about myself. This time, however, it was different. I was introduced to a personal trainer named Andrew and even though I was intimidated by having a super fit person helping me along, I gave it a shot and have to say that after a few workouts I was hooked. I loved having someone there to assess my personal needs and help me set weight loss and fitness goals for myself. Fast forward seven years later and I am still training with Andrew at Carbon Core Fitness and loving it. At almost 47 years of age I’m at my lowest weight since my early 20’s and I am definitely in better shape physically than I was in high school even. Andrew is always there to help me with my diet plan when I need it and there to push me when I’m feeling unmotivated and lazy. And yes, I have to admit it’s not always an easy journey and there are times when I don’t really want to exercise, but knowing that I have someone there to help me along the way certainly helps me stay on track. Thanks Andrew Dove and Carbon Core Fitness.

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